WCe i.d.k Hobnob™ - 1 tire inflation / deflation air line

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Do you need something handy, yet dandy, and simple? Then check out the i.d.k Hobnob™.  

Connect the i.d.k Hobnob™ to the Multi-tire i.d.k™ manifold where you can monitor your air pressure while you inflate / deflate a single tire, or connect the i.d.k Hobnob™ directly to your *air source as well. Some Air sources may need an i.d.k whip™ adapter to connect. 

Maybe a friend needs air? While the Multi-tire i.d.k™ is connected up to your vehicle. Connect the i.d.k Hobnob™ to the Multi-tire i.d.k™. Now that friend, the one that keeps bumming air from you, can now inflate / deflate one of their tires while you do two of your tires. 

Do you have a shower system with a Schrader valve on your roof? If you do, then use the i.d.k Hobnob™ line to pressurize the shower. Fill up your bike tires before hitting the trail.

    Cool Info

    • 20 foot air hose.
    • Depending on air chuck option Hobnob weighs 1lb 4oz - 1lb 4oz.
    • Strain reliefs.
    • Includes a Storage Bag.
    • White Velcro Strap to distinguish it from other parts of the kit and to keep the hose organized when stored.
    • Air down 1 tire easily.
    • Air up 1 tire easily.
    • Pressurize a water system.
    • Fill a bike tire.
    • Fittings to match the fittings on your Multi-tire i.d.k™ and/or air source.
    Air Chuck Options
    • Haltec Air Chuck: Straight 3 tooth locking collar air chuck with dust cap. Recommended for TPMS valve stems.
    • Slim Air Chuck: Straight 1 tooth locking air chuck. Recommended for tight areas, Apex RPB valve stems, and rubber valve stems with shallow threaded area.
    • Ball Air Chuck: Angled 1 tooth locking air chuck. Recommended for low clearance wheels. Found these work best on some beadlock wheels.  

      Some wheels may not be compatible with certain Air Chucks.

      for questions email kstuder@whoopchickenexpeditions.com

      This system is great for: Overland rigs, Expedition rigs, Adventure rigs, Rock Crawlers, Casual dirt road travelers, UTVers, SXSers, and home garage use. Some benefits from lowering air pressure while traveling the dirt can ve better traction on the rocks, helps smooth the ride on rough roads, and help float on top of the sand/snow. 

      *actual product may vary slightly from the product pictured due to continuous improvements to the system.

      *the i.d.k Hobnob™ must be used with the multi-tire i.d.k™ to utilize some of its features 

      *accessories and air sources sold separately.

      *the air source will be a factor to consider when choosing a 1, 2, or 4 tire kit