WCe Multi-tire i.d.k +2™ - 2 tire inflation add on

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So you bought the 2 tire Multi-tire i.d.k™, now you are wanting to go up to a 4 tire inflation / deflation kit. All you need is the Multi-tire i.d.k +2™ for that 4 tire capabilities. Airing down, airing up*, or equalizing 1, 2, 4, or 3 tires at the same time. Making the job easier and faster leaving more time for wild and crazy adventures.

  • Inflate / deflate 1 -4 tires easily and simultaneously*

  • Equalize the air pressure between tires.

  • Conveniently check the air pressure between tires at one location while inflating or deflating*

  • Transfer air from one tire to another tire in an emergency situations.*

  • Deflate at camp to help level your rig when setting up your Roof Top Tent.

  • M or Q-style Fittings to match the fittings on your Multi-tire i.d.k™.

  • The Multi-tire i.d.k +2™ in some cases can connect directly to your air source other times you will have to use an i.d.k whip™.

 What separates our kit fro other kits

  • The Multi-tire i.d.k +2™ kit weighs around: depending on options 1 lb 11 oz - 1 lb 13 oz. When combined with the Multi-tire i.d.k™ making a 4 tire kit the kit still weighs less than 5 lbs!

  • Storage bag included.

  • Velcro strap to keep the hose organized when stored.

  • Fits up to 168" wheelbase.
Air Chuck Options: Not all valve stems or wheels are built the same. That is why we give you options to suit you needs.  
  • Haltec Air Chucks: Straight 3 tooth locking collar air chuck with dust cap.

  • Slim Air Chucks: Straight 1 tooth locking air chuck. Recommended for tight areas, Apex RPV valve stems, or rubber valve stems with a shallow threaded area.

  • Ball Air Chucks: angled 1 tooth locking air chuck. Recommended for low clearance wheels, Found these work best on some bead lock wheels with low clearance. 

    Some wheels and valve stems may not be compatible with certain Air Chucks.

    for questions email kstuder@whoopchickenexpeditions.com

    This system is great for: Overland rigs, Expedition rigs, Adventure rigs, Rock Crawlers, Casual dirt road travelers, UTVers, SXSers, and home garage use. Some benefits from lowering air pressure while traveling the dirt can be better traction on the rocks, helps smooth the ride on rough roads, and help float on top of the sand/snow. Geo caching.

    *actual product may vary slightly from the product pictured due to continuous improvements to the system.

    *the multi-tire i.d.k +2™ must be used with the multi-tire i.d.k™ to utilize some of its features and for 4 tire capabilities.

    *accessories and air sources sold separately.

    *your air source will be a factor to consider when choosing a 1, 2, or 4 tire kit