WCe i.d.k Dust Caps for Haltec Air Chucks

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Dust Caps for Haltec Air Chucks

These replacement Dust Caps are for: Multi-tire i.d.k v2™, Multi-tire i.d.k +2™, and the Multi-tire i.d.k Hobnob™ using the Haltec air chucks.

These Dust Caps can also be used on other Multi tire inflation / deflation systems that use the same Haltec 5265 3 tooth locking collar air chucks.

If you built your own multi tire inflate / deflate kit using the Haltec air chuck and wish you had a cover for them, well look no further and snag up a set of these for you DIY kit today. 

Made in the USA


  • Dust Caps are designed to be installed without having to remove the air chuck from the fitting on the air hose.


  • 4 x Air Chuck Dust Caps
*accessories and air sources sold separately.