Replaced my factory splash guards with some quality ones

Replaced my factory splash guards with some quality ones

Nothing used was sponsored. Everything we used we purchased.

While installing the suspension lift kit, the stock splash guards that keep some of the muck out of the engine compartment were like a hard brittle plastic after years to the elements.

2011 toyota factory splash guards

While removing the factory splash guards for the installation of the upper control arms, the splash guards just crumbled. I know some people that don’t mind not reinstalling the splash guards.


To each there own. I wanted to put some new ones back in the fender wells. I don’t want to make it easier for rocks, debris, or even sticky ass mud to catch a ride in the engine compartment. I live in southern Utah. A majority of the mud that can be found around here is the sandy gritty mud or the supper sticky sticky clay mud. Plus you have to clean this stuff out and it’s just such a chore to clean off, and if you don’t clean it off in a timely manner it just gets harder to remove. Plus it reduces the chances of transporting invasive or non native species of plants should any of the seeds catch a ride. While looking for new splash guards, I keyboard stubbled across I love these splash guards. They are made from Neoprene rubber. Resistant to gas and oil. Came with all new fasteners. Thicker and more robust than the delicate factory splash guards. They have some options as well: Body lift (yes or no) and KDSS (yes or no). I choose NO Body lift and YES on the KDSS. Before taxes and shipping they were $49.95.

rad rubber design splash guard 2011 4runner
rad rubber design splash guard compared to factory splash guard

rad rubber design splash guard 2011 4runner installed