Modular Multi tire Inflation deflation

What to get a 1 tire, 2 tire, or 4 tire kit?

Our kit is modular and uses quick connect fittings. If you go with either 1 tire, 2 tire or 4 tire kit now, then decide to go a different route later, you can easily use get and connect or disconnect a hose line without having to replace the whole kit.

To go from a 4 tire kit to a 2 tire kit, just use one of the air hose legs in the 4 tire kit. 4 tire kit to a 1 tire kit just pick up the 1 tire air hose only kit.

Go from a 1 tire kit to a 2 or 4 tire kit just pick up the 1 or 2 of the Multi-tire i.d.k +2™ air hose kit.

Remember not every Rig needs a 4 tire kit. Depending on tire size a 2 tire kit is more than adequate. Usually smaller rigs like Subarus or Mid size SUVs on stock tire sizes. We recommend a 1 or 2 tire kit. Saves weight and room in smaller Rigs. Don't forget if you upgrade to a Rig with larger tires you can just pick of the air hose legs needed instead of buying a completely new kit.

Standards with our Multi-tire i.d.k™ 2 or 4 tire kits.
Digital air gauge with a Plan-B
Storage bag - 600 D Polyester. Made in the USA
Designed from the beginning to be Modular system to meet your needs
Huge wheelbase compatibility. Up to 168".
New Hybrid air hose that is MADE IN THE USA.
Hand Built in Utah