Modular Multi tire Inflation deflation

Fitting Options to meet your air compressor needs.

M-type: US standard industrial type fittings.
Q-type: Japan Nitto type fittings.

Air Chuck Options because not all wheels have the same spacing around the valve stem.

i.d.k Air Chuck: Our Proprietary air chuck. Straight 3 tooth locking collar air chuck. Recommended. Compatible with TPMS, Toyota valve stems, and regular valve stems.

Slim Air Chuck: Straight 1 tooth locking air chuck. For those tight areas. 

Ball Air Chuck: Angled 1 tooth locking air chuck. Nice for those wheels that have very little clearance over the valve stem.

Not every Rig needs a 4 tire kit. Depending on tire size and/or air compressor a 2 tire kit is more than adequate at times. If you choose to increase you tire capabilities from 2 to 4, with our kits you don't have to get a completely new kit to do so. A modular design for your needs.

Huge wheelbase compatibility in a compact easy to use system.
We use an American made hybrid air hose.
Proudly designed, tested, and hand built in Southern Utah.

One Multi-tire kit to rule them all, One Multi-tire kit to inflate them,
One Multi-tire kit to Deflate them all™