Inflate / Deflate 1, 2, 4, or 3 Tires at a time. Customize now.

Do I get a 2 tire or a 4 tire kit?

Our kit is modular. We recommend if you have a small air compressor 3 CFMs or lower, you probably need the 2 tire kit with the manifold.

If you go with the 2 tire kit now, then decide to go with a 4 tire kit down the road all you will need for the upgrade is the Multi-tire i.d.k +2™. 

If you have an air compressor that does more than 3 CFMs, get the 4 tire kit.

Remember if you upgrade your air compressor with something that has more Umphh and you already have the Multi-tire i.d.k™ then all you need is the Multi-tire i.d.k +2™ for four tire capabilities.

These CFMs are just a basic starting suggestion on determining whether to get a 2 or 4 tire kit.

Stuff that comes standard with our kits
Digital air gauge with lights and a Schrader valve
Multi-tire i.d.k™ and accessories come with a Storage bag
Customize fittings and air chuck options to meet your air compressor needs
Largest range of wheelbase compatibility 168" while still being compact and weighing less than 5 lbs!