About Us

Whoop Chicken expeditions, LLC ( WCe ) is a little business in St. George Utah. Established in 2021 selling coffee and multi tire inflate deflate kits. In 2022 we decided to put the coffee on hold to further our refinement of a multiple tire inflate / deflate system. The Multi-tire i.d.k™ ( i.d.k ) and its accessories is our flagship product line to get our business growing and our name out into the Overland / off-road community that we adore and respect.

So, how did we decide to start off with a system for inflating and deflating multiple tires at a time. When I, purchased an air compressor back in 2020. A Smittybilt 2781. The original idea was to hard mount the compressor somewhere on my 2011 Toyota 4Runner. While thinking of how to mount the air compressor, I was also thinking of how to run my air lines for some fixed mount air couplings. That is when I had an idea of building a multi tire kit that would connect to all four tires at once to my air compressor. While I was designing and doing research on the idea of a multiple tire system for airing down, I did stumble across three other companies doing the same rough idea. I was looking at those kits and I was thinking about purchasing one of those kits. Since I was sitting around designing thinking about making my own kit before hand and then looking at the kits on the market, I noticed that those kits were lacking the refinement and some features I wanted in a kit. So, I decided that I could start building and offering my own interpretation of what a multi tire kit should be. That is how the business and the Multi-tire i.d.k™ was born.

Though we started off building a multi tire inflate / deflate kit this is not our only goal to be masters of airing down and up equipment. We have many more ideas and interpretations of what some tools or gear should consist of our mission is “to give the best solution for world traveling adventure seekers.” Stay with us to see what those ideas will be to help you on your journey. Even though we are a business that only sells quality products to help you on your adventures at the moment, down the road we want to become the friends that accompany you on your first travels around the world. Providing quality gear is just the first step to our larger plan of helping others overland the around the world. The gear is just the tools to help and assist. Here at Whoop Chicken expeditions we understate that the journey of the adventure is the real McCoy.

Even though we haven’t travelled the world yet, just on our adventure so far we have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people in the community and industry. We have been inspired by some and mentored by others. We are grateful of the community and industry to welcome us with open arms. Thank you. 

As we keep moving forward we will continue to learn more, teach others, respect the planet, and grow as people on an individual level and a community level.

Sincerely Thank you,

Kris Studer

Owner & Fabricator

Sarah Studer

General Manager