Some wheels that have clearance issues with certain air chucks.

Some wheels that have clearance issues with certain air chucks.

Let's take a look at some wheels that need that one air chuck. It's a clearance issue thang. This started when a friend of mine was telling me his multi tire kit wouldn't work. Well the air chuck won't work because it's to tall. I was confused. What do mean it's to tall. He was like it's to tall.fuel off road coupler wheel valve stem clearance

Well, this was a new issue that I haven't seen. Which is good that the odd ball wheels on the market are few far and in between. Anyways, he started sending me pics of the wheel. So after toying around some ideas, I came up with a solution of using the locking style of ball air chucks with a trick key component. Well the second air chuck on the Multi-tire i.d.k™ air line was no problem with the ball air chuck. Now as for the first air chuck, the one on the 18" secondary hose  The air lines have two air chucks. The first air chuck is connected to a swivel. Without the swivel the air hose would wanted to become a contortionist depending on where the valve of the tire was located. This is why we carry the ball air chuck.

This is the Fuel Off-road Coupler wheel model D556 in a 17" x 9"

fuel off road couple model d556 wheel 17x9

Our ball air chuck with swivel fix prototype.

multi tire idk ball air chuck on a fuel off road coupler wheel
Now as for wheels that have need a specific air chuck have been these American Racing wheels. (I will try to get more detailed pics with the air chuck) This example was the customer wanting slim air chucks because they were slim enough to fit the angled valve stem on these wheels. The customer owns one of those auto air air compressors that came with a proprietary air chuck. He even said their standard air chuck from would not work on his wheel. Even our i.d.k air chuck would not fit this wheel. That is why he reached out to us right before Winter 4x4 Jamboree 2024 event. He wanted a multi tire inflation deflation kit that would work with his wheels and his new air compressor as well. All weekend long our Multi-tire i.d.k™ with slim air chucks in conjunction with the EZ Flate air compressor worked flawlessly.
American racing wheel on a fj cruiser
Here are some more pics of wheels.
raceline wheels ball air chuck
These are Raceline wheels with our Polyurethane Multi-tire i.d.k™. They were running a different multi tire kit, but having an issue with their air chucks actually fitting within the wheel. They saw that we offered the Ball air chuck on our kit. So, they picked up the Multi-tire i.d.k™ with the Ball air chucks. They were very happy that they could actually get in there more easily to air up. They didn't need the kit for airing down, for they were using some nice deflating valve stems. Wish we would have gotten better close up pics.

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