Which wheelbase is your Rig?

Which wheelbase is your Rig?

Wheelbase is measured from the center of the front hub to the center of the rear hub. 

You'd be surprised what a properly designed kit will fit while still leaving space in your Rig for other important gear.

We put together an on going photo journal of Rigs and their wheelbases to help give you a better idea of how the Multi-tire i.d.k™ system will fit your rig.

The Multi-tire i.d.k™ is designed for a max wheelbase distance of 168" inches before you need to get extensions. Although we have been able to use the kit on a Van of 172" wheelbase with no problem. It is the wheels that can make the wheelbase a lot longer. We eliminated the excess baggage of two much air hose on the primary hoses that run from the manifold to the first air chuck. We also put the first air chuck on a secondary hose of 18" inches. This helps with the flexibility of fitting a wider range of wheelbases in a without giving you extra hose in wasted areas.


 2023 chevrolet 1500 ltz 147.4 inch wheelbase


 2011 gmc 2500 duramax 153.7 inch wheelbase


  2008 jeep jk sahara 116 inch wheelbase


2006 nissan xterra 106.3 inch wheelbase 


 2010 Subaru forester 103 inch wheelbase


2000 4runner 105.3 inch wheelbase
2000 4runner 105.3 inch wheelbase
2008 FJ Cruiser 105.9 inch wheelbase
2015 tacoma 127.4 inch wheelbase
2023 tacoma 127.4 inch wheelbase
2019 tundra 145.7 inch wheelbase
2024 tundra 145.7 inch wheelbase

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