i.d.k Slip-On valve caps

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They come in a pack of 5.

Use the fifth one for your spare tire, keep it in your rig as a spare, or hell give it to a friend who needs a cap.

Protect and keep your valve stems clean with some slip on slip off valve caps. Dirty valve stems interfere with any air chuck causing issues for airing up or down.

They slip on and off with ease.

No more trying to unscrew some seized up cap.

Whoop Chicken expeditions exclusive design.

Proudly designed, tested, and hand built in Southern Utah.

-FREE shipping if you only got valve caps- If purchased with other products, normal shipping rates apply.


  • Universal fit for standard Schrader valve stems
  • An easy pull top design for removing
  • An easy push top design for pushing back on
  • Multiple *colors to choose from to match your style and mood
  • Made in the St. George, Utah


  • 5 x i.d.k Slip-on valve caps

The Black i.d.k Slip-on valve caps now come with every Multi-tire i.d.k™ (2 and 4 tire kits) and the i.d.k Solo™ kit.

*colors may vary slightly due to technology.

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