i.d.k Slip-Ons valve caps: pack of 5

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Why unscrew your caps that are seized on?

When you can slip them off and on.

They slip on. They slip off. No more trying to unscrew some aluminum caps that seize up from the elements. No more plain boring plastic caps. These will be just as convenient as airing up or down with a Multi-tire i.d.k™


  • Ergonomic pull-tab design
  • Textured tab for quick removal and easy handling
  • Red colored base to help locate your valve stem in the muck and low light times
  • If you measure twice and cut once, you can make them fit your valve stems
  • Made in the USA


  • 5 x valve stem caps...Use the fifth one for your spare tire, keep it in your rig as a spare, or hell even put it on the Schrader valve on your Multi-tire i.d.k™.