WCe Spark plug bottle opener

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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle spark plugs. That's right Rated RRR Bottle Openers.

These spark plugs will be given a chance to retire to a loving and caring domicile. Instead of being tossed into a hole and forgotten. Where those poor spark plugs would lay and wonder, if someone will come dig them up, take them home, and rename them Abby and that's just not normal thing to do with a spark plug. What we do is give them a second chance at life by turning them into a beer (or insert your favorite bottled beverage here) opening Monster. It just ignites a little spark into their life once again by having a new friend that depends on them.

You could even turn these Spark plug bottle openers into family heir looms. One day all of the vehicles will be electric and the newer generations will never see a spark plug in person. They will only know about spark plugs from the history books. Except for the one family that kept there bottle opener and passed it down through generation after generation instead of burying it with the body of their great great Great Uncle Brooks. Stories of Science will be told around the synthetic camp fire of the spark plug's electrifying tale of adventure. 

Made using old used spark plugs.


Our metal was plasma cut by our good friends over at Salt City Steel home of the Picket Master Pro. A great tool for fabricators. Go check them out.