ePlug: Battery Port w/ 50 amp quick connect

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This is just for the ePlug-Battery Port

*ePlug-Accessory and *ePlug-Alligator Saver sold separately.

Why should you have to pop the hood every time you want to connect your portable air compressor, or similar electrical devices that connect to the battery with alligator clips?  
Put a convenient fixed mount *50 amp Battery quick connect from the battery to the front of your Rig.
Then remove the Alligator clips on your air compressor and install the ePlug-Accessory, so you can plug right into the Battery Port. Making it a convenience when connecting that air compressor to your Rig.
Wait!!! don't through out the Alligator clips just yet. The ePlug-Alligator Savers will allow you to use your air compressor with those clips still. This way if you still need to use you air compressor on another vehicle you still have that ability.

This is a DIY electrical kit. It will require modifying your vehicle and electrical device. 

This kit does NOT come with a breaker or fuse. It is designed for portable air compressors that HAVE a breaker or fuse located on the air compressor.


  • 50 amp 12v - 24v battery quick connect (aka. Anderson style connector)

  • Flush mount bracket with protective tethered cap

  • 3.5' feet Red ( + ) and Black ( - ) wire leads: #6 awg wire

  • Red wire comes with an extra layer of protection. Braided abrasion resistant loom

  • Trim to length

  • Universal design

  • Wire - Ultra flexible pure copper strands, SAE J1127 approved, EPDM insulation jacket - Made in USA

  • Built using Domestic and Imported component

  • 30 day warranty

Lug Options

  • Crimp lugs: Stud mount. 2 x 5/16" ring and 2 x 3/8" ring. Red and black heat shrink, Copper with tin coating

  • Set Screw lugs: Stud mount. 2 x 5/16" ring. Set screw for clamping wire into terminal, Brass with nickel coating, Red and black silicone indicators, Red and black heat shrink to cover the set screw

    *Accessories not included

    *Refer to your devices electrical requirements to determine the proper wire size that is needed. Please email if you need help. kstuder@whoopchickenexpeditions.com