Multi-tire i.d.k™: 2-4 tire kit, Ball air chucks

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Ball Air Chuck: Angled 1 tooth locking air chuck. Nice for those wheels that have very little clearance over the valve stem. Like a 17” inch wheel from Fuel Off-road. Click here.

The Multi-tire i.d.k™ is the ultimate Modular 2 tire or 4 tire inflation deflation system on the market. Use it for off roading, overloading, expeditions, adventures, rock crawling, or weekend outings.

Make it easier to air down when you leave the pavement.

Connect it to the air compressor of your choice when you need to inflate your tires back up to to head back home on that paved road. That’s right we offer fittings and adapters to work with popular off road overland air compressors.

Some might call it a Schrader valve. We call it Plan B. Think of it like carrying jumper cables just incase your battery dies in your rig. If the batteries should go out in the digital air gauge, you can still check the psi of all 4 tires at once. Skip having to carry another adapter like other kits require. We put it in one nice little setup.

Fits a 168" wheel base. We removed all the excess hose on the lead hoses, and added it where it counts from air chuck to air chuck. Letting our kit fit a larger range of wheel bases in a nice compact kit. You don’t need two kits if you own two different wheel base rigs. Do you hit the trails with a group of friends that have different wheelbase rigs. You can share with them from a Subaru to a Full Size pickup. Click Here.

Equalize all 4 tires at once. Wait, if you run a different pressure from front to rear, you can easily do that with our kit. Let’s say the front tires need 30 psi and the rear tires need 35 psi. Air up all 4 tires to highest air pressure of 35 psi. Disconnect the rear tires from the system. Now air down the front to 30 psi. It will be faster to deflate than it will be to inflate, with the air compressors on the market and those Schrader valves. Yup even faster than that “set it and forget it” dual piston air compressor.

Transfer air from one tire to another tire.

Air down at camp to help level out your rig with that roof top tent. Air down to get it in your garage.

1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Proudly designed, tested, and hand built in Southern Utah using Domestic and Imported components.


  • Continental F5 Hybrid air hose. Rated 300 psi. Temp range -40° F to 158° F. Made in the USA.
  • Fits a 168" wheel base. Click here. 
  • Schrader valve. Plan B.
  • Storage bag has 13" diameter. Made in the USA. 
  • Digital air pressure gauge: Backlit display plus. LED utility light on the back. Uses 2 AAA batteries (included).
  • Rebuildable slide valve.
  • Strap to keep the hose organized when stored.

Fitting Options

  • M-type: industrial type fittings. Click here for a list of compatible air compressors.
  • Q-type: Nitto type fittings. Require a i.d.k Whip™ or the flip-flop method. Click here for a list of compatible air compressors.

Other Air Chuck Options: 

  • i.d.k Air Chuck: Our proprietary air chuck. Straight 3 tooth locking collar air chuck with dust cap. Recommended. Compatible with TPMS, Toyota valve stems, and regular valve stems.
  • Slim Air Chuck: Straight 1 tooth locking air chuck. For those tight areas. Such as a wheel from American racing. Click here.

**accessories and air sources sold separately

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