Multi-tire i.d.k +2™: Make a 2 tire kit a 4 tire kit

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The Multi-tire i.d.k +2™  is the modular add on if you got the Multi-tire i.d.k™ 2 tire kit because your air compressor just didn't have the CFMs.

Now you've upgraded that air compressor to have 4 tire inflation capabilities. The Multi-tire i.d.k +2™ is the other half. You don't need to buy a completely new kit with us.

If you built your own manifold for a DIY multi tire inflation deflation kit, just pick the +2 with the matching fittings you used and plug it in. 

Did you need a replacement for your Multi-tire i.d.k™?

Pick up one Multi-tire i.d.k +2™ for two tire capabilities.

Pick up two Multi-tire i.d.k +2™s for four tire capabilities. 

Fits a 168" wheel base. We removed all the excess hose on the lead hoses, and added it where it counts from air chuck to air chuck. Letting our kit fit a larger range of wheel bases in a nice compact kit. You don’t need two kits if you own two different wheel base rigs. Do you hit the trails with a group of friends that have different wheelbase rigs. You can share with them from a Subaru to a Full Size pickup. Click Here.

1 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship

Proudly designed, tested, and hand built in Southern Utah using Domestic and Imported components.


  • Continental F5 Hybrid air hose. Rated 300 psi. Temp range -40° F to 158° F. Made in the USA.
  • Fits a 168" wheel base. Click here. 
  • Storage bag.
  • Strap to keep the hose organized when stored.

Fitting Options

  • M-type: industrial type fittings.
  • Q-type: Nitto type fittings.

Air Chuck Options: 

  • i.d.k Air Chuck: Our proprietary air chuck. Straight 3 tooth locking collar air chuck with dust cap. Recommended. Compatible with TPMS, Toyota valve stems, and regular valve stems.
  • Slim Air Chuck: Straight 1 tooth locking air chuck. For those tight areas. Such as a wheel from American racing. Click here.
  • Ball Air Chuck: Angled 1 tooth locking air chuck. Nice for those wheels that have very little clearance over the valve stem. Like a 17” inch wheel from Fuel Off-road. Click here.

**accessories and air sources sold separately

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